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Çağdaş Marble

Çağdaş Marble, one of the major solution partners of the Cagdas Construction, has started to operate in 2005 and has become one of the most reliable companies on the production of high quality marble, by its professional approach, qualified staff and its production concept that constantly renews itself according to the modern production technology.

Çağdaş Marble is the first and only marble factory in the Bodrum Peninsula and has a capacity of block production of 4ST 15 m3 per day (approximately 450 m2), daily calibrated polishing, patinato and slim line of 200 m2 and granite / marble production of 100 m2.

Çağdaş Marble has also been the name for the production of high quality marble by its capacity of sanding 100 m2 and blasting 50 m2 per day, services of mosaic production of 20 m2, travertine fill polishing of 50 m2, tulle edging of 200 m and with the " Çağdaş Green" product produced exclusively by only Çağdaş Marble.

By its professional approach, qualified staff and high quality marble production technology, Cagdas Marble has reached ready plate processing of a total of 1000 m2 per day and plate production of 13,500 m2 per month, and by actualising successful implementations and projects,it has made the marble and granite, miracles of nature, an integral part of our lives.